Carrie (octobermoon) wrote in himus,

San Diego HIM pics

Okay guys I went to 5 shows Soma (San Diego), HOB (Las Vegas), Wiltern LG (Hollywood) twice, and the secret Viper Room show....

San Diego:


Me & Linde:

Molly, Linde & Allison:

Athena, Linde & Jenn:

Burton & Gas signing stuff:

Burton & Gas again:

Mige & fan:

Ville talking to someone:

Ville signing stuff:

Molly, Mige & Allison:

Mige, Jenn & Athena:

Ville w/ Fan:

Carrie, Ville, Jenn, Athena:

Ville & Tammy:

Billy?, Ville & Allison:

Ville & Allison:

Ville talking to Marci (the one who's face you can't see...) and Molly:

Ville & Marci:

Ville & Molly:

Molly & Ville: (Ville is holding a flyer I made for the San Diego and California HIM street Teams that I gave him. HEH! YAY!)

Ville & some fans:

I will add more pics later when I have time. I have a few of the secret Viper Room gig that I took with my cell phone, didn't come out too good. And a few OK live shots from the Wiltern. :) More later.
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